Description: Autoclaved Aerated Concrete(AAC) Mould Oil is a combination of some specific oils and non hazardous chemicals which are formulated to form such properties that can be superior as compared to the regular mould oil.

It is dispense in gray colored liquid which can be used directly on the sites.

The chemical components that is present inside mould oil gives damp proof property to it which ensures perfect texture and even color to the concrete. It also prevents any kind of adhesion to cement. It passes air to concrete while it is placing which will help it in strengthen. It is cost effective and very economical for use.

There is no need to prepare new moulds but if using the extensive moulds of timber it is highly suggested to protect them from alkali especially the new surfaces because it results shorten the usable life of mould. Steel moulds need no treatment or any special kind of treatment it only requires removal of rust and oil from its surfaces, although wetting may improved by abrading the surface lightly. Coating has to be done with the help of spay no over coating is needed if it does so remove it and make sure only particular amount has been applied to get best results. After using the spraying tool wash it well with clean tap water so the oil can remove from it easily dry it completely and store well for further use. The converging rate depends on the mould material it fluctuate as per the age of mould like new one requires less an old ones need more apparently.