Years of experience since 2002 provide our customers with the highest level of service in the lubricants market with Quality, Flexibility, Service and Reliability as our central values. The key of success factor of SPEED LUBRICANTS, the INDIAN home brand of quality lubricants, is its flexibility to adapt to the client needs. By carrying out this strategy successfully the company managed to increase its production volume significantly over the last years and became an important player in the worldwide market with local distributors in more than 60 cities.

In close contact with its customers, SPEED LUBRICANTS develop holistic, innovative and custom-made solutions for the most diverse applications. As a lubricants manufacture, sustainability, for safely and reliably, for efficiency and cost savings. SPEED LUBRICANTS stand for a promise: TECHNOLOGY THAT PAYS BACK.

We have a number of customers, including companies from the following fields: automotive suppliers, mining and metalworking, agriculture and, construction and transport, as well as the steel, metal and cement industries, and also companies in the casting and forging industry - and many others.


● We deliver leading technology and first class service to our customers.

● Identify and create JET SPEED Value Added.

● Provide space for innovation to explore new paths.

● Act with an entrepreneurial spirit.

● Empower employees with responsibility and accountability.


● We walk the talk.

● Committed to technical leadership.

● Maintain a consistent track record of performance.

● Act in a responsive and transparent way.


● Flexible and wide product assortment.

● High quality lubricants

● Extended service and support

● Technical know-how and reliability

● Strong Indian market position

● Dynamic family business always ready for new opportunities

● Wide client range :garages, auto parts dealers , transport companies, constructors, agriculture.